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YouTube's Questionable Restricted Mode

In the last week, YouTube has been under fire due to their “restricted mode” which has screened certain content for viewers under the age of 18.


YouTube had the intention of placing a restricted mode on videos of a higher rating, but YouTubers have found that parts of their content have been wrongfully placed into the restricted category. Some of this includes content from two top LGBT YouTubers GiGi Gorgeous and Tyler Oakley. Other restricted videos are regarding education about racism, and sex education. Videos from LGBT YouTubers that aren’t actually about LGBT topics have also been restricted, like makeup tutorials from Stef Sanjati, who is a transgender woman.


Many YouTubers ranging from very popular with millions of subscribers to smaller channels with just hundreds of subscribers let their voices be known by tweeting and making videos about the restriction. This went on for days before YouTube’s first response on Twitter. This response explained why certain videos were restricted, which did not generate a positive response from YouTubers. Later on, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said she would be pushing teams to investigate the matter.


DTV News reached out to a few YouTubers who found out how this affects them and their community.


Thank you to Bria and Mel for sending us your thoughts.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you think YouTube is in the wrong for this? Let us know.


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