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9/11 Fear in Silence

MELISSA: Remember 9/11 and how our country was attacked in New York City? Well, imagine what that was like for Deaf people there. How did they understand what was happening? News didn’t really caption very well and instructions for safety procedures were broadcast through non-signers. What was that experience like through Deaf eyes? A black Deaf filmmaker, Jade Bryan, created a documentary called “9/11 Fear In Silence.” Jade interviews Deaf people who lived in New York and who worked at the World Trade Center about their experience on that day. Good news. We tru biz can now watch it on Amazon Prime! We talked with Jade. Take a look!

JADE: Wow, finally! You know what I mean? Finally! It took me ten years, actually, because I made that documentary. I’m all about telling our story. It’s important to document our perspective. As of today, since 9/11, many people have no idea, even the Deaf people, had no idea that Deaf people were at the towers. And they got out. And some did die in one of those buildings. And um, it’s an important story, they were part of that event. And… our story must be told. It must. Many people out there, hearing, police, firemen, victims, family, children who lost their parents. Those stories have been told. Where’s ours? Apparently, I’m the only one who did that type of documentary. It was a lot of work. It took a lot of emotional toll on me, because I saw so much… death, people falling from the buildings. I even saw body parts, limbs. I researched stuff online and saw others stumbled over those too. It took a lot out of me emotionally. I have to do self-care for that, you know? Take care of yourself, we all have to take care of ourselves. We must find our own center. To get recharged. So we can get ready to go back to work, you know? It’s got it’s ups and downs, day in, day out. It’s the process. I think, you know, it actually makes me a better filmmaker. As a human being, how to connect with people, be understanding and have compassion.

MELISSA: Her documentary was approved to be streamed starting November 8th, 2017. Do you have an Amazon Prime account? If not, get one! Please watch it and share your thoughts with us! Congrats Jade, thank you for creating a documentary so that we can share our #deafperspective to the world.


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