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A Silent Child

Hey everyone! Guess what!? There’s a film that features an adorable deaf child named Maisie Sly! She is so cute and communicates using BSL!  She’s in a short film called, “The Silent Child,” directed by Chris Overton, and written by Rachel Shenton, who is also in the movie. The film has won numerous awards from several film festivals.


The film tells a story about a deaf child in a hearing family in England who faces communication barriers. Rachel and Maisie are here to chat with us, Tru Biz! Yes! So, let’s say hello to Rachel!




Hello Rachel!! What inspired you to write “The Silent Child”?


Rachel: I think the inspiration for the movie came from feeling frustrated about access to education for deaf children. And just- just the problems within the education system. And I believe that film is a really powerful way to portray a message, and, so that’s why I wrote The Silent Child.

What impact do you think this project has on the Deaf community or anyone for that matter?

Rachel: I hope that the Deaf community enjoys the movie. I hope that they can relate to it. And I hope that they see it as truthful and honest because that’s what we’ve all really worked hard to achieve.


Where do you want to see the film go?


Rachel: Everywhere! I want it to continue touching people’s lives, to continue to have an impact when people watch it, and just ultimately raise some um, some much needed deaf awareness.


Thank you so much, Rachel! Now, hello Maisie!! What was your experience like being on a plane for the first time?

MAISIE: I really loved the plane, I was soooo excited. When it went fast it was really really fun.


How did you feel about winning awards for best actress and others?

MAISIE: I was sitting there and I didn’t know what anyone was saying, then Rachel tapped me and that’s when I realized. She said I won best actress!! I was so surprised and so happy!


What’s your favorite memory you had with the cast?


MAISIE: Swimming, milkshakes and ice cream, I loved it, and this was fun.


Wow, thank you, Maisie! OMG, so adorable, right?! We want to say congratulations and we hope the film is a success at festivals.



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