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An Interview with Alex Gallardo

ALEX: No Hay Limites.


KARLA: No Hay Limites. (No Limits)

About your film, How did you come up with the idea of having a deaf person becoming a doctor? Where did that Idea come from? Why did you pick doctor?


ALEX: Good question. I chose the idea of a doctor because doctors are known for saving people’s lives. A person could die  but a doctor would intervene and be able to give life to that person. Imagine a Deaf doctor. I remember people telling me all the time that it would be impossible for a Deaf doctor to exist. But it’s not true. It can exist. Therefore, no limits. That is what I want to show the world. That anything is possible.


KARLA: Those of us here in America, where can we see your film? We want to watch it? Where will it be shown?


ALEX: It’ll be shown in hearing film festivals. Once we collect the awards, then it’ll be distributed to the public. In Mexico, that audience should be the first one to see the film, hopefully. Hope you can make it there?


KARLA: Yes! Si! I want to come! If americans would like to look for your work or follow you on facebook, instagram, or twitter. Do you have any of those?


ALEX: Facebook, yes. Si.


KARLA: You have facebook. What is your name on there?


ALEX: Alex Gallardo Enriquez


KARLA: His film is incredibly beautiful. I was touched and teared up a little. Wow Dang it, why did you make me cry? Thank you.. Thank YOU, I wish you good luck.


ALEX: Thank you for coming to my workshop. Thank you.


KARLA: Gracias!


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