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ASL Elevate



KARLA: The auditorium is huge! People haven’t come in yet, so I thought I’d take this quick minute to chat with you. This is the College of the Canyons, in Santa Clarita. This event is called “ASL Elevate!” Exciting. CJ Jones hosted this for the first time. We will have a line up of performers each taking turns on stage. I look forward to watching it! Ready? Let’s go!


CJ Jones & Bob Hiltermann plays the drums together. CJ says, “Welcome to the ASL Show! Go ahead, scream with your hands!”


Shaheem Sanchez dances to Manolo by Trip Lee.

[Hip hop beat]

[I got enemies I can’t see ‘em all…]


Justin & Jonathan Reynolds does a bit of ASL Storytelling.

...and then he jumps over the curb like a demolition-


It’s the front, right, and then he goes SUPER fast paced, super fast,


Megg Rose performs “Vision of Love” by Mariah Carey in ASL.

[I had a vision of love]


Bob Hiltermann does some ASL comedy.

What? What happened?! What happened to father? Oh, Robert. Is he there?


Lisa Hermatz performs “What’s Love Got To Do With It” by Tina Turner in ASL.

[But whatever the reason, you do it for me…]


Amelia Hensley performs “Chip on my Shoulder” from the Legally Blonde - The Musical in ASL.

[Weeping at your tale!

Oh well excuse me, just because you’ve got some kind of chip on your shoulder.

You know what? You’re right.

There’s a chip on my shoulder

And it’s big as a boulder]


Ruthie Jordan does some ASL poetry.

...because ASL literature is visual. Just like watching a movie in motion. To have those talking voices are really just distracting the visual beauty and the importance...


Tyrone Oraguzie & little Haley Zimmerman perform a Michael Jackson song together.

CJ JONES: I want to share the message out there, that the purpose of this is to elevate the performers’ talent. How often do we have the chance to perform? I had the privilege to travel in my one-man show, and many of you out there have asked me, “Where can I hire Deaf performers?” And I thought to myself, “Good question.” I would give names but they’d already have seen them, so new faces are needed. So that’s why I made this event happen, to spread the word about ASL Elevate and their talents. Next year, I plan on bringing on new faces and more talent. So their work gets seen.


KARLA: So this is a fundraiser?


CJ JONES: Yes! Thank you again. It is a fundraiser for the purpose of raising money to create more of this show on an annual basis. With funding we can build for. Without funding, this can’t be possible.




KARLA: This was truly amazing. I’ve seen all their performances, and it was awesome! It took my breath away. Just great. I want to learn more about them. So, now you’ve seen short clips of each performer. What did you think?


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