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Best Tru Biz Moments of 2017

SHAYLEE: Girl power!


Shaylee carries her small mother, and then shows off her biceps.


Melissa and Howie try to exchange sign language.


HOWIE: I had a great time tonight, and I learned [signs what he THINKS is vote] Vote, right? Vote.




Melissa signs it correctly.


Melissa is at Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor and some creepy guy scares Melissa from behind.


MELISSA: Oh my gosh, I did NOT expect him to scare me, oh-oh my gosh! He’s back! Ah jeez!


TYRA: Okay byeeee!


Karla nearly trips over Tyra’s fancy gold dress.


KARLA: Thank you! Oh! I almost broke her dress! So Tyra’s dress has a long train, so my heels got stuck in her dress. Phew, close call, that dress has got to be expensive.


KARLA: It has a Deaf person IN that show.


MELISSA: Whoop….oh jeez.


Melissa’s iPad falls over.


KARLA: Whoops! Mishap! I know it’s shocking for a deaf person to be in that show but take a look at the clip.


Melissa: And I actually think I need more coffee.


KARLA: And water!


Melissa’s iPad falls over again.


Melissa: Oh my gosh [laughing] I can’t get this together.



KARLA: I was looking for the right dress, it took me five hours to decide on my outfit today.


MEL B: Well you look gorgeous, look at you, need to close that up a bit! Your mother’s gonna be very angry at that!


Josh Castille holds a mic up to Maiyalene Utley.


JOSH: You smell what?


MAIYA: Peanut butter!


Maiya holds her mic like an ice cream cone.


Maxim, the mime, does a classic wall knocking. Then Karla joins him.


Karla: Knock knock!


Then Maxim opens the “wall” now a “window” and says...




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