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Hedy and Heidi Red Carpet Premiere

Karla: We’re Tru Biz, here!!


Melissa: We’re Tru Biz here! I’m excited!!


Karla: What is this?


Melissa: It’s the red carpet event for Hedy...


Karla: Hedy and Heidi The Lost Sisters!


Melissa: Yes! I know! I’m excited to be here!


Karla: There are so many people here!


Melissa: People flew from all across the U.S. to be here, and even, tru biz, from other countries!


Karla: International, people! Wow!


Melissa: Yes! It’s a really big deal! And you know what’s so special about this? It’s a Deaf owned and Deaf run red carpet. So everything's really amazing and there are a ton of Deaf celebrities here! It’s an amazing experience!


Karla: Eeeeek! So…


Melissa: So who do you want to snag?


Karla: Hedy!


Melissa: Okay! And I’ll try and snag Heidi! Ready?


Karla/Melissa: GO!


Melissa: When we’re watching the movie, how do you hope the audience will react?


Heidi: I hope you’ll be laughing really hard! And I also hope you see what can come of Deaf and hearing people working together. That’s really my big goal is to see Deaf and hearing people coming together, those conflicts, and how to resolve them. I hope the audience sees that and laughs a lot. That’s all I care about.


Casavina: I’m so thrilled to see the Deaf community supporting this film!


Selena: Yes! It’s nice to see everyone supporting different talents!


Ipek Mehlum: I’ve met so many beautiful people and beautiful souls! Their energy has really inspired and uplifted me which I’ll take back home to the cold.


CJ Jones: Wow! I’m in!


Karla: Knock knock knock!


Maxim Fomitchev: (sound effects) Hi!


Kyle Mengwesser: I’m very excited, this is my first screenplay! I’m very excited to see it on screen!


Karla: So you play Heidi, “little Heidi.” How do you feel about the movie release happening tonight? Are you excited to watch yourself?


Magdalene Utley: Eeeek! I feel like my head is going to explode!


Karla: Yeah! What can people expect from watching your movie? Will they laugh or….


Magdalene Utley: They should be happy, and laugh. If you laugh, you live forever.


Karla: So if I laugh, that means I’m young? Thank you! That’s great advice!  


Jason Roberts: I had my reservations about doing a children’s comedy. But once I read the script, I had to do it!


Melissa: YES!


Jason Roberts: And I have not regretted that decision! I’ve really enjoyed this!


Melissa: Where is Hedy?!


Heidi: Oh, I think she’s in her car! Imagine that! I don’t think she’s going to show up here until later tonight!


Melissa: Well Karla really wanted to see Hedy!


Heidi: I know! A lot of people do!


Melissa: Come on, you want to see Hedy!


Karla: Hedy! I need to see Hedy! In her car? Okay, I’ll find her!


Hedy? Where’s Hedy?!


Woman: It was an amazing movie! It was really funny!


Man: I’ve always seen them online. And now to see them become a movie! It’s incredible to see how much has changed over time!


Womam: The family aspect of it touched me. That was the key thing that really impacted me.


Man: If you’re looking for a strong PG movie, this is the right one!


Karla: You’ve worked on this film for 1 year I believe, and it’s finally being revealed tonight! Woo! So, what are your hopes for this movie?


Rover Vass: I absolutely want to make more movies in the future! I don’t want to stop at just one. I want to see more. And I’m hoping other people will want the same thing so we can get started on the next one.   


Thomas Otto-Bruc: We need to keep empowering and supporting Deaf talent, Deaf skills, Deaf creativity. We need to keep growing within our community and enjoy it together.


Karla: Right! Work is over. Now go drink!


Hedy, where are you? I’ve been looking all over for you! I give up! Where are you?!


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