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Karla Visits the Mather Premiere

KARLA: Oh! Shhhh! Let’s go.


KARLA: I’m here at the MATHER event, it’s their movie premiere today. I made it, and I’m excited! Thanks to them for inviting us to be here! I’m looking around here and I’ll take you through it to see what it looks like. We’ll be seeing the film as well, and ask people what they think. Excited? Come with me.




WOMAN #1: At first, I thought… deep. What is the exact meaning of it? What do each of the images represent?


MAN #1: Honestly, at first there wasn’t a point, there wasn’t any particular plot. By the time I got to the end, a point was made, as Chase said that Mother and Father, are put together as a balance, which I get.


MAN #2: I thought it was really interesting, because… the first thing I noticed right away, was the alternations between dark and bright images.


MAN #3: It jumps from one point to another. If it was more condensed, I think I’d get it, but…


WOMAN #2: I think the film encourages the audience to really step outside of the box and think, analyze, and try to connect them together. It’s got really powerful meanings. I’m really impressed, myself.


WOMAN: #1: Exactly. Really impressed.


KARLA: How do you feel now that your film is finally released today?


CHASE: I feel like, finally, a release of something I’ve been working on for the last two years. I finally got to the point that I can show them, get it done, and work on the next thing, too.


KARLA: Yeah.




KARLA: Is it science fiction, or?


CHASE: Yeah. I like to call it sci-fi with folk tale.


KARLA: Right.


CHASE: Like, old stories from the past, to be created in sci-fi modern form, which is essentially our twist on that.


KARLA: FYI, this film is science fiction, very unusual, very artistic, they have some sort of, I could feel the bass, the music, It’s really cool.


CHASE: Thank you.


KARLA: I want to say congratulations. I’m excited for you.


CHASE: Thank you so much.


KARLA: Hold on, be patient, it may travel to your city. Your city may be next!

CHASE: Hopefully! Thank you!


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