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Mandy Harvey on AGT

KARLA: A lot of contestants coming up. I’m waiting for Mandy. Mmm-hmm! Tru Biz is back! We’re here because Mandy made it to the semifinals! I saw her performance…


Lyrics: Break my heart and set me free...


KARLA: And it’s beautiful! I’m excited to interview her.


Lyrics: Oh release me. Please release me.


KARLA: You know, you sign and sing at the same time, it’s like tapping your head and rubbing your stomach right?


MANDY: I know! It’s really hard because it’s two different languages combined.


KARLA: So how did you make it work?


MANDY: Well, I was thinking more along the lines of the meaning of the words, not just directly translated English words. Like word for word. And I really wanted to say was what the words meant to me. What was the point of the song? And so when I was signing, it was really beautiful for me, because I’m finally able to express the song, but also say exactly what I meant.


KARLA: You expressed it beautifully! It was like you were performing it. Really beautiful.


MANDY: Little bit like dancing.




KARLA: Did you, yourself translate the english into ASL, or did you have a translator?


MANDY: I worked with my interpreter, and I talked with a couple other people who are deaf friends of mine, and I’d ask them what they thought about what I had in mind, and they’d tell me when it was perfect.


KARLA: Perfect! It’s wonderful you have support with translating.


MANDY: Thank you so much.


KARLA: Yes! So, IF you made it to the finals, what do you plan to do next? Maybe--


MANDY: I’ll do another original song for sure. And hopefully-- sign as well.


KARLA: Maybe, you’ll balance on a large ball and sing and sign!


MANDY: Hopefully, it’s not too high up because I’m scared of heights!


KARLA: Ah, gotcha, ok! Well we wish you luck! And we hope you make it to the finals! Fingers crossed!


MANDY: Crossing fingers!



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