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Miranda Murders Movie Premiere

KARLA: Who are you?


MONICA: My name is Monica Foletta.


KARLA: I’m recommending you to watch a horror film entitled, “The Miranda Murders”. What if I told you that the film has hearing characters but one of them is played by a deaf actor? Seriously! Tru biz! I’m excited to watch the movie and then interview that actor.



Male: This is an instructional video on how to take care of bastards.


The most important thing is that we teach them how to behave and if they don’t wanna learn, we’ll have to make them behave.


Male with accent: We’ll be taping when you’re not looking.


Male: If I even suspect that you’re making any noise, or trying to escape, no one will find what is left of you.


[Eerie soundtrack]


KARLA: That was creepy and gave me goosebumps! *shudder*


KARLA: Rawr! I kidnapped her… (to Monica) You’re gone


Karla: Did you practice or brainstorm to prepare?


MONICA: I did brainstorm but I did not practice.


Karla: So, you just improvised the whole thing.




KARLA: What was the most challenging thing about your role?


MONICA: Being deaf and communication, is what I realized. I didn't have an interpreter while I was acting. But they told me what they wanted from me. I gave what I could. And they felt that was crucial for the film.


MONICA: I happened to be one of them, so… It’s possible. People don’t know what people look like, their personality. A random kidnapping could happen to be a deaf person. Could happen.


KARLA: True. I say hats off to the director, it’s a good example. So when you got into your character, and by the time it was over, did you have any troubling feelings inside you when you finished?


MONICA: I was worn out. My entire energy was focused on being scared, which made me forget what I did while I was doing it, and after I let it all out, I just was mentally exhausted. I had to recharge and get back to normal. I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn’t kidnapped or anything, you know?


KARLA: Yeah.


KARLA: I saw the film, and you can see the trailer. I strongly encourage you to watch it. You can see it on Amazon Prime this Friday, October 13th. Support #DeafTalent! Heads up. It’s super creepy. Not for children. With parents is a must. But exciting! It’s horrifying. So stay up with your loved ones and munch on some popcorn!


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