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POP POP 10/11/17

Melissa: I love this! (points to coffee) Because it’s large, and it’s perfect for my morning coffee. Karla: I have water. Okay. Melissa: This gives me the pop pop feelings. Karla: Hey! I’m Karla! Melissa: And I’m Melissa! Karla: It’s Pop Pop time! Melissa: Ready to hear what’s going on this week in the Deaf community? Karla: Ready? Go! Melissa: Since America’s Got Talent is over, I was wondering what Mandy Harvey is up to? Karla: well I saw that she performed on the Today show with Megyn Kelly. She performed her song, “Try.”  So. Take a look at this clip. [Applause] I don’t feel the way I used to The sky is gray much more than it is blue But I know one day I’ll get through Karla: And that’s what it was. Last Saturday, she performed at the No Limits event here in Los Angeles. Melissa: At the famous Grammy museum! Karla: That’s right. Melissa: Wow! We are proud of you, Mandy! Keep on shining! Karla: We love you!


Melissa - There’s a Canadian TV show called, “Murdoch Mysteries.” The episode was released on October 9th.The episode was titled, “8 Footsteps.” There’s a trailer. Take a look. Narrator: On an all new Murdoch… Male voice: Reenacting a crime, are we? I’ve done it myself on occasion… Narrator: Colin Mochrie guest stars. Are you being funny? Let me do my job. It’s such a thrill to have a real detective at work. Narrator: Murdoch Mysteries. Monday at 8 on CBC.

Melissa: The episode has Helen Keller, performed by Deaf actress Amanda Richer. Karla: Oh, nice! Melissa: Yeah! So hey, do you remember the famous film, “Hammer”? Karla: Oh, yes, that old movie. It was good-- a good movie. Melissa: That’s right. Catherine MacKinnon produced that movie, Deaf also, is involved in that show as well. Karla: If you live in Canada, you will be able to watch the episode on CBC’s website. Congratulations to everyone! Melissa: Yes!


Melissa: Looks like someone’s been sharing that on Facebook. Karla - Have you heard of “Kevin (Probably) Saves the World”? The show is about God telling a man to save the world. And it has a Deaf person in that show! Melissa’s iPad falls over. Karla: Whoop, mishap. I know it’s shocking for a Deaf person to be in that show. But take a look at the clip. Melissa:Yes. [Calming music] Ah…[laughter] That is perfect. That’s the...perfect end to this stupid trip. Oh yeah, yeah. Yes. I’ll your...pencil. Actually you know what? Just take it all. Sorry to bother you. [Uplifting music] Melissa: I love that!! That’s funny! Karla: Yeah! It’s cool! That Deaf person’s name is Angel Garcia Cantu. I think that’s latin. Ok. It’s nice to see more Deaf actors on TV. Melissa: Yeah! More Deaf roles happening out there, it’s great! Karla: We hope to see more of you in the future!


Melissa:  Okay, I know we’re gonna be jealous about this one. In New York City last weekend, At the 55th Annual New York Film Festival they premiered… guess what it was? Melissa:/Karla: Wonderstruck! Melissa: And they had a panel presentation with Millicent Simmonds. Aw. Karla: Aw. Melissa:I know! Male: I want you to welcome to the stage- Milly Simmonds, Jaden- [Applause] It really helped me of course, I read the book, Brian’s book, which I loved and that helped me a lot, it’s an awesome amazing book, and he would always say bring Rose to life, it really inspired me. [Applause] Thank you. Karla: What a cutie! Melissa: Right? But come on to LA! Where’s are the events in LA? This coming Friday, there’ll be a panel at Signmation at the New York Film Festival with three Deaf actors: Anthony Natale, Karla: Anthony. Melissa:Lauren Ridloff, Karla: Lauren. Melissa: and John McGinty!  Karla: John. Melissa: Right! To be a part of a discussion. So if you’re in New York City, you’re lucky. You can still see the flick this Sunday at the Walter Reade Theatre.  Karla: Lucky you! We’re still waiting for our turn. Melissa: Right!? Come on, LA! Come on!


Karla: Now. Look at what Life & Style Magazine wrote about Nyle DiMarco! Melissa: A severe emergency. Karla: “Suffering with hearing difficulties?” Really? Melissa:Really? Karla: It’s better to say “activist for Deaf and hard of hearing people.” Sounds better, right? Melissa:That! That! Melissa: Oh hey actually, on that note, did you see Shoshannah Stern’s twitter? Karla: Yes!! Melissa: She went to Comic Con because of her role on “Supernatural” - and she was a first EVER Deaf guest --- Everyone supported her. She was touched!  She talked about importance of Deaf representation, plus how producers must collaborate to make Deaf characters authentic!  So, you go Sho! Karla: I have to emphasize: FIRST Deaf person. Congratulations, Sho.Now this conversation with Jason is hysterical. Anyway, so this is my first ever international Con- Karla: That. And lastly... we here, at Tru Biz (or more specifically, her) got recognized from Signing Time, they showed our clip with Tyra Banks, that’s the one with difficulty communicating. Melissa: I forgot about that. You gotta get Baby Signing Time. [signing] Baby, baby, baby signing time! Baby, baby, baby signing time! It’s great. Melissa: Whoo. Karla: Remember, she had no interpreter at that time. Melissa: Yes! Please emphasize that. I had no interpreter! I tried my best! Karla: But she did a good job! So excited that we got recognition! Melissa: Thanks girl! I agree! Karla: Thanks for the shout out! That’s all for Pop Pop this week! Melissa:You’re right! But we have more! We will! Karla: More! Melissa: I actually think I need more coffee. Karla: And water! Melissa: Oh my gosh, I can’t get it together... Melissa drops her iPad again and laughs.




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