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Pop Pop 10/18/17

Karla: Hey! I’m Karla! Melissa: And I’m Melissa! Karla: It’s Pop Pop time! Melissa: Let’s see what’s up in the Deaf community this week. Karla: So, what’s happening this week? Melissa: First things first, let’s hope this doesn’t fall over today. You know the deaf actor Amanda McDonough? She’s going to be on the TV show “Speechless.” Another Deaf character this season! Karla: Awesome! Melissa: The episode will air on Wednesday, October 18th. Good luck, Amanda! We can’t wait! Karla/Melissa: Woo woo! GIF: Two women shaking their booty in excitement.


Karla: Remember “Mather,” the short film? Melissa: Oh, yes! Lots of buzz about that! Karla: Well, they’re having a PREMIERE PARTY!! In LA! Woo Woo! Melissa: Here?! Yay! Karla: So, if you aren’t familiar with “Mather,” check out the trailer!  Melissa: When’s it going to be? Karla: December 9th from 4pm until 2 in the morning. Melissa: Ooh, an all nighter. Karla: The party’s at L.A. River Studios. And I wanna let you know, tickets are $35 online, and $40 at the door.  There will be multiple screenings of the movie, food, drinks… ummm… hanging out… and… what else…? Melissa: --and a whole lot of fun. Karla: Yeah, much more! You know it. Melissa: Make sure you get your ticket! Hey what do you say we go dress shopping for that night? Karla: Oh yeah! PICTURE OF KARLA AND MELISSA DRESSED UP FOR AMERICA’S GOT TALENT, WITH FLASHING


Karla: So… Melissa: Deaf singer/signer Signmark was just at Montreal’s Symphony Concert on Sunday. How did that happen? Well, a deaf woman named Natasha Luttrell loves music and one of her dreams was to have Signmark come to the concert. So in June, she asked for accessibility at the concert and tru biz, girl, her dream came true! Signmark came! Check this out!


Signmark performed at Montreal’s Symphony in sign language.

Even if the hands of time would freeze

You won’t see me beggin’ down on my knees

I stand tall proud back against the wall 

Karla: Wow! That is so touching! Melissa: I know! So sweet of you, Signmark!! Karla: Yes! Awww! GIF: A woman saying “awwwww!”


Karla: Yo! Do you know deaf dancer Shaheem Sanchez? Melissa: Shaheem, of course! He’s a dancer. Karla: Yes, I got his name right! Did you see the clip of Usher learning how to sign, “My name is Usher”? Melissa: Yeah! OMG it’s so cool. Karla: Take a look!

 SHAHEEM teaching USHER how to say, “My name is U-S-H-E-R” in ASL.

Karla: So cool! Melissa: Totally champ! Karla: We should mingle with celebrities and teach them how to sign “Tru Biz”!! Melissa: Yesss! Do it! We might even make into a special episode… Karla: Maybe that will be your Christmas gift from us? Melissa: I mean...just sayin’! GIF - Yeahhh Christmas!!!


Melissa:  Did you hear about Nyle? Karla: Yes, I think so! Melissa: The beautiful man right here? He was just awarded Man of the Year at The Virgin Holidays Attitude Awards in London on October 12th. He was awarded for his passion for equality and giving to the Deaf community. Look at this speech!

 NYLE DIMARCO’S SPEECH: succeed, because I had a community in both worlds. So I want to teach you two very simple signs. Okay so the first sign is embrace, looks like this. Try it out. Yourself.  

Karla: OMG! Melissa: So cool. He taught people how to sign “love yourself”. Really awesome. Karla: Nyle’s always amazing! (Mwah!) Melissa: Kisses! Congratulations, Nyle, we’re so proud of you. Karla: Yes! So proud of you! Melissa: So is that it? Karla: Yeah, so that’s our Pop Pop for this week! Very cool, exciting, amazing! Melissa: Agreed! Karla: We’ll see you next week, two weeks, three weeks, who knows? Melissa: See ya next time!



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