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POP POP 10/3/17

Melissa: Hey!

Karla: Hey! I’m Karla!

Melissa: And I’m Melissa!

Karla: It’s Pop Pop time!

Melissa: Yes! Pop Pop! Here’s what’s going on this week in the Deaf community.

Melissa: You know the Deaf actor, Rose Crisman?

Karla: Yes!

Melissa: She played an adorable role in an episode of “Speechless.” She played the Deaf love interest, who was JJ’s first kiss! It was so adorable!

Karla: Awwww. I want to see it.



Group: sixteen, seventeen, eighteen…



Man: Hi, we’re JJ’s family.

Woman: Not the first time we’ve met someone this way.

Karla: I love it!!! SO CUTE!!!

Melissa: Agreed! The episode was released on September 27th on ABC. Congrats, Rose! Hope she can come back and have more roles!



Karla: Oh! You know Stephanie Nogueras?

Melissa: Yes, I do!

Karla: Yes. She just got a role on “The Magicians!” Which is on the Syfy Channel.

HARRIET (Marlee Matlin): Just so you know…

There’s no kind of knowledge the Library doesn’t have.

*background music*

KADY (Jade Tailor): Thank you.

Melissa: That’s awesome!

Karla: YEAH! Did you know that Marlee Matlin was on that show before as Harriet, the magician? Stephanie will play the younger version of her character. It’s so cool! So, I’m excited.

Melissa: How exciting!

Karla: We will definitely let you know when the episode airs. Right now, she’s filming. I saw it on her Snapchat.

Karlissa: Congratulations, Stephanie!


Melissa: You know Aarron Loggins will be in a show this week! He’s in a new episode of the TV series, “Evil Twins.”  It’ll be released on Monday October 9th, on the Investigation Discovery Channel. See the picture for yourself.


Karla: Ooooh, I’m curious to see it.

Melissa: Same. Congratulations, Aarron!


Karla: Wawa. You know who that is, right?

Melissa: Yes! Who doesn’t know Wawa? Of course.

Karla: He just released a new music video called, “Only ASL One!” Where can you see it? On Wawa’s World’s Facebook page or on YouTube.

Melissa: Perfect. I’m going to watch it.

WAWA’S MUSIC VIDEO CLIP - Wawa sings in ASL, with lyrics on screen. “You are the only one. Oooh, na-na. Oooh, na-na. Yeah, yeah.”

Karla: You MUST watch it. All of you over there. It’s a must. What are you waiting for? You must! Well, after this!


Melissa: I saw Andy Mineo was in LA!?!?

ANDY MINEO’S MUSIC VIDEO “Hear My Heart” CLIP - “It’s kinda crazy, it’s kinda crazy, that your name is Grace. Your name is Grace. Ohh”

Karla:  He came here to Los Angeles, because he had a concert, obviously. He sold shirts with the sign “I Love You” and “Hear My Heart.” The funds go to an organization that Andy’s deaf sister can choose.

Melissa: Aw, that’s so sweet.

Karla: Yeah. You know what? Deafinitely Dope was also there! Check out the video.

Andy: We got Deafinitely Dope in the building

Deafinitely Dope: Deafinitely Dope!

Andy: They came and interpreted tonight at the Wiltern show in LA. Shoutout to my sister Grace I love you. Ayyyyyy

Deafinitely Dope: I love you too! Ayyy!


Melissa: Seemed fun! Andy, let us know when you’ll visit LA again! We want to see you!

Karla: Yeah! What she said!


Melissa: For those of you who are intrigued with film, this could be the opportunity for you.

Melissa: Seattle Deaf Film Festival! Take a look.

Hello, I’m Patty with Seattle Deaf Film Festival (SDFF). Guess what? The fourth SDFF is coming up this spring. Yay! Our film festival cannot exist without your film submissions!!

Melissa:They are currently accepting film submissions for their 2018 film festival that will take place from March 30th-April 1st.

Karla:  What kind of movies are they accepting?

Melissa: Shorts under 30 minutes and feature films over 30 minutes.

Melissa: Three things

They will accept films from 5 genres - documentary, drama, animation, thriller/action and comedy/musical. The film has to fit one of those categories.

They can show films that haven’t been shown at the Seattle Deaf Film Festival previously, only for the first time.

And lastly, it’s by, for, and about the Deaf community! I love that.

If you take a look at the festival, you’ll see they have a website for more information. They’ll be able to accept submissions by Nov 30th. 25 dollars to submit. They will tell you if your film makes it in January. How exciting!!!!

Karla: AWESOME!! Submit your films! I think I might have one. Hmm.

Melissa: I know that film. Submit it!!

Karla: Okay, I will!!!

Melissa: Show your talent!

Karla: So, I think that’s it for Pop Pop for this week. Right?

Melissa: There’s always more to share on Pop Pop. Keep watching us for more!

Karla: That’s right!



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