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Pop Pop 1/10/18

Karla: Oooh, okay. So, it’s cold. And we both got a cozy thing going on.


Melissa: Great minds think alike!


Karla: Here in California we’re getting rain and cold…


Melissa: Some people are SO happy when it rains here, they’re sick of the constant sunshine...but not me. And not you either. When it’s raining I just feel so BLAH.


Karla: I’m literally emo, just laying in bed. BUT!! We came here, for YOU!


Melissa: Yesss. And first of all, happy 2018!


Karla: Woo, we’re back! Are you excited? Are you happy we’re back? You better be!


Melissa: Yeah, you missed us right? I think they did.


Karla: Mhm. So, what’s the first story of 2018?! Well, guess who’s going to be signing the National Anthem and America the Beautiful at Super Bowl 52?


Melissa: This is hot news every year, people look forward to the announcement.


Karla: Guess who’s doing it this you know?


Melissa: Yes, I know!! I’ll let you tell them!


Karla: Alexandria Wailes!!! (signs name with Melissa)


Melissa: Yay! Congratulations!!


Karla: Yes yes YES! She’ll be signing alongside the one and only Pink!


Melissa: I can imagine that to be a powerful combination! They’ll rock that place up.


Karla: I’m so excited for her. I can’t wait to show her support as I watch her on the big screen. Love it.


Melissa: Yes, totally.


Melissa: Okay, #DeafTalent alert. It’s worth discussing that really, #DeafTalent includes a lot of different kinds of people. Not just actors.


Karla: Yeah like it could mean photographers, SO many different things, and we’ll discuss that later, go ahead.


Melissa: For ALL of you in the art field, there’s an opportunity for you. The Deaf Visual Arts Festival is happening in St. Louis, Missouri onnn...April 7th! Go ahead and apply, regardless if you’re, like you mentioned photographers, woodworkers, painters, just do it! Show off your skills!


Karla: Yaaaaas!


Melissa: Hey, maybe we should go?


Karla: Oooh...should we...? UM, YES! WE WE’LL BE THERE!! Or maybe. Just maybe we’ll see you there.


Karla: Remember when I did that story about “The Silent Child” with Maisie Sly?


Melissa: Aww, yeah what a cutie.


Karla: Soo cute, signing BSL with those little hands! So, if you don’t remember, no biggie. Check out this clip.



Female voice with English accent: She’s just deaf. Do you think she’ll be able to get a job one day?


Karla: That’s what I’m talking about! So, with Oscar nominations coming up soon, this film is on the shortlist for Best Live Action Short Film!


Melissa: Okay, all together now. One, two three.




Karla: Nominations will be announced January 23rd. Sooooo….fingers crossed!


Melissa: Do you know PopSugar? They make cool online clips.


Karla: Oh yeah!


Melissa: There’s a popular video on Facebook about what it’s like to date as a deaf person with Ashlea Hayes.


Karla: Ashlea, yeah!


Melissa: Check this out!



Ashlea: Obviously I would like whoever I date in the future to be able to sign so that we could have a conversation. Going on a date with an interpreter [present] I would assume it would be a little bit awkward. It would be hotter if he knew ASL or some sign.


Karla: Cuuute!


Melissa: It’s so true, right?! I totally get what she’s saying.


Karla: Yeah, I mean, like as for me, I’ve dated hearing guys in the past and just didn’t work with me.


Melissa: Girl, I understand. Last time I dated someone hearing was in HIGH SCHOOL. Because once you date Deaf, you never go back.


Karla: Totally. Amen.


Melissa: Communication is key.


Karla: And learning sign language for someone else can be really cool and exciting, but it can get hands moving fast, it’s really cool.


Melissa: Yeah wait ‘til that first argument, your hands will be flying!!


Karla: Yeah, like crazy!


Melissa: So many misunderstandings could happen, like signing coffee vs signing make out.


Karla: She’s right.


Karla: People. Are you in DC?


Melissa: Where are the DC people at?


Karla: Do you wanna see Amelia Hensley and Sandra Mae Frank? Guess where you can see them?


Melissa: Tell me!


Karla: They joined the cast of Peepshow!


Melissa: Whaaa that’s cool!


Karla: It’s about taking back objectification of women and sexism. Seems interesting, don’t you think?


Melissa: Yeah, where can you see it?


Karla: Ah yes, when and where. February 7th-25th at Woolly Mammoth Theatre.


Melissa: That’s a cute theatre, you should go see it!!


Karla: Support, support, support that #DeafTalent!


Melissa: Okay, one more hot topic.


Karla: I know what you’re talking about.


Melissa: We’ve been reporting, and reporting on this and FINALLY it’s confirmed, “This Close” is going to be starting on Sundance soon, and it’s going to incluuuuuude….




Melissa: Yes! FINALLY!! I’m so excited to watch. We have an interview coming up with Shoshannah Stern and Josh Feldman verrry soon, so keep an eye out!


Karla: Don’t miss it!


Karla: Well, that’s the Pop Pop to kick off 2018.


Melissa: Bye now!


Karla: MUAH!


Karla: What’s your 2018 looking like?


Melissa: Me? Hmm...I need to meditate more. More zen. You?


Karla: More like...spirit you know?




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