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Pop Pop 11/17/17

Melissa: Sometimes coffee makes me too antsy! I’m thinking tea will calm me down.


Karla: Oh yes! If you noticed, the wall behind us is completely naked!


Melissa: Don’t worry, we’re renovating! We’ll be changing the walls soon!


Karla: I’m looking forward to it!


Melissa: Mmhmm!


Karla: Well, I’m Karla!


Melissa: And I’m Melissa!


Karla: It’s Pop Pop time!


Melissa: Yes, pop pop!


Melissa:You know the popular webseries called Fridays?




Melissa: Take a look.


Melissa:It stars Shoshannah Stern and Josh Felderman. It was originally online, but now it’s becoming a half hour TV series. Sundance just bought 6 episodes and announced several new cast members who will be joining!

Karla: Who?!


Melissa: Check it out!


Melissa: OMG YES! Tru Biz! They will be joining the show!Marlee Matlin will be joining as the mother of Michael, who’s a recovering alcoholic. And from Friday Night Lights, Zach Gilford will be playing the fiance of Kate. Colt Prattes, who played the lead in the Dirty Dancing remake will play Michael’s ex-boyfriend, Ryan. Also, Cheryl Hines from Curb Your Enthusiasm will play Kate’s boss.


How neat is that!? The show will be released sometime in 2018. We can’t wait to see it. I wish they would hurry up!


Karla: It’s interesting because they changed the title from Fridays to This Close (Karla and Melissa say “This Close” simultaneously).Come on, I hope that’s the last title!


Melissa:Keep the name! Keep the name!

Karla: I’m excited to see that show!


Melissa: What’s up with this ASL music camp. Can you tell us about it?


Karla: Yeah! ASL music camp will be hosted in Houston, Texas from December 15-18.


Melissa: Oo Texas! That’s cool! Who’s been leading it?


Karla:You know who? Go!


Melissa:Wow! That’s a good group of people leading it!


Karla: Yes, indeed! If you want to register for the camp, make sure to call them, right now! The phone number is, 330-524-7114.


Melissa: Oo, fun!


Karla: Call it!! Use VP!


Melissa: Of course VP!


Karla: Convo, Sorenson, ZVRS, Purple, whatever you have!


Melissa: Whatever!!!


Melissa: This is about 2 best friends, played by Myles Barbie and Ryan Lane. I’ve heard it’s really funny. I’m not sure why exactly, I have to watch it myself still. But it was written and directed by Bob Hiltermann and they just won the audience best choice award at the film festival. So, it must be funny!


Karla: It will be shown in film festivals but when it’s actually released, we’ll let you know.


Melissa: Yes, we will let you know!


Karla: We promise!


Melissa: yes, Don’t worry


Karla: We got you!


Karla: Hey, do you know the Deaf director named Martha Anger. She’s in a film called, “I’m Nobody.”


Melissa: Really?


Karla: Yes! You wanna see it?


Melissa: Yes, of course!



(Scary Music)


Melissa: Oh, wow!!


Karla: You know that person with the mask? That’s Martha!


Melissa: Really?! I’m curious to see it…


Karla:  (Slasher Noises)


Melissa: Yes! Congratulations, Martha! We’re proud of you!


Karla: Yes, we’re very proud of you!


Melissa: You ready for this? Take a breath…


Karla: okay? (breaths)


Melissa: There’s another #DeafFaker!


Karla: What?! Another one?! Who?


Melissa: Tru Biz! You know Mad Men?


Karla: Yeah, the TV show.


Melissa: And the actor Kiernan Shipka?


Karla: Yeah!


Karla: I know who she is.


Melissa: She’s in a movie called “The silence”. Here’s the irony. She plays the role of Ally, who’s a Deaf teenager whose world is turned upside down when a bunch of bats come in and attack her.  


Karla: Ugh…


Melissa: And yeah, she’s taking on a Deaf role.


Karla: Wow...

Melissa: The director is John R. Leonetti.


Karla: Hearing, hearing, hearing???


Melissa: Yes, he’s hearing.


Karla: Of course he’s hearing.

Melissa: He made a comment in the Hollywood


Reporter saying she really learned a lot and trained for this role. She signs beautifully and it looks like she’s been signing for years, and she really has it in her to know what it feels like to be a Deaf person.


Karla: (sips coffee). A hearing director said that…ummm….


Melissa: About a hearing actor.


Karla: First of all... a hearing person cannot say that. Only us in the Deaf community can say that. And you could have cast a Deaf actor like Treshelle, or Amelia...


Melissa: There’s a ton of options out there!


Karla: Ugh!


Melissa: Oh! On a positive note. There is new Deaf talent news.


Karla: OMG! You know Millicent Simmonds?!


Melissa: Yes! Millie!


Karla: There’s a new film, a horror film, called “A Quiet Place” with who?


Melissa: John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. They are FAMOUS!


Karla: Yes! There’s a trailer!!


Melissa: Finally!!!


Karla: You wanna see it?!


Melissa: Yes!



(Creepy Noises)

(Glass Breaking)

(Loud Banging)

(Scary Music)


Karla: Ooooohhhh!!! Scaryyy!!! I’m so excited for Millie!


Melissa: Yes!!! Congrats Millie!


Karla: So…


Melissa: Okay, well that’s our Pop Pop for this week.


Karla:See you next time.


Melissa:See you next time with a new wall.


Karla: Yes, new and improved wall, I promise!


Karlissa: (slurping)



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