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Pop Pop 11/2/17

Karla: Hello Melissa! She just got back from the Council De Manos conference.


Melissa: The Council De Manos conference! I did, yes. Yep, and the retreat too. I loved it.


Karla: Wow! Yeah.


Melissa: I am EXHAUSTED, so my coffee is a must today.


Karla: Hot chocolate for this girl!


Melissa: This huge mug is exactly what I need today. Now, I hope you weren’t worried that we forgot about you all. We’re still here!


Karla: Hellooo, we would never forget about you, okay? Now, it’s Pop Pop time!


Melissa: Let’s get it pop poppin’! Ready for the lowdown on the deaf community right now?


Karla: Ready?! Okay, you know the movie Mr. Holland’s Opus?


Melissa: Oh yeah, very famous movie.


Karla: Yes! And you know that movie has Deaf actors in it, right? Actors Anthony Natale, Joseph Anderson and Nicholas Renner, all play the same character of Cole. Now, they’re adapting the movie into a musical with the hope to go on Broadway!


Melissa: Could that mean more Deaf talent on Broadway?!

Karla: Yesss! And ya know who might be 

involved? John McGinty, and Josh Castille!


Melissa: [gasp] OUR Josh?!


Karla: Uh huh! They will be playing the same character as well. So fingers crossed!


Melissa: Fingers crossed!


Karla: Hey so uh, what’s up with that film festival?


Melissa: Oh, The Strength Within You Film Festival! It’s aiming to have Deaf and hearing filmmakers get together and collaborate. This special event is taking place here, in LA this weekend!


Karla: Ooooh!


Melissa: Check out the commercial!



[inspiring music]


A lot of these films are going to have #DeafTalent involved. It’s gonna be a must see. It starts this Saturday with different screenings around 3 pm. Then at 5:30 there will be a Q&A panel for the filmmakers. Then on Sunday, more movies of course, and then following that is a reception and awards ceremony. We’ll get to see who wins the awards!


Karla: FYI...this wonderful lady will be there to do some interviews and stuff.


Melissa: Oh yes. I will be there!


Karla: So keep an eye out for that.


Melissa: Stay tuned here at Tru Biz!


Karla: In some other news, DH Ensemble has a UK Autumn Tour happening right now. The play is called “People of the Eye.” It’s inspired by true events about parents and sisters and love. The show will include sound, live performances, and video projections.


Melissa: Oh how cool!

Karla: Yeah, cool right?? So if you’re in England, you’re in luck. They just released their tour schedule. Check this out.


Karla: Did you know that a Deaf model posed for Playboy Brazil? Yes! Tru biz! She is the first Deaf model on the cover of Playboy!


Melissa: Oh wow that’s like a big deal!


Karla: THE COVER, PEOPLE! The cover. Of. The. Magazine. She was Miss Deaf Brazil in 2011. So we have the picture, but I’m just saying, it’s not PG.






Melissa: Good thing there’s a little bit of censorship there.


Karla: Phew. Wow girl. Wow.


Melissa: You know what? Hats off to you Ariana, congratulations!


Karla: Woo woo!!


Melissa: Okay so you obviously know that popular Netflix show Stranger Things, right?


Karla: Yeah, it’s BACK!


Melissa: Right! Everybody’s talking about it right now. So one of the characters in that show, Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, recently opened up and announced that she’s deaf in one ear.


Karla: Right. She just announced it.


Melissa: Then Nyle posted on Facebook congratulating her for embracing her identity! And he even offered to teach her ASL!


Karla: Learn ASL from NYLE? CHAMP! Yes! Yes!


Melissa: Who would say no to that?! Like, OF COURSE!


Karla: A hot guy teaching you ASL?


Melissa: [sigh] Ah, our bestie, Nyle.


Karla: So, I think that’s it-


Melissa: Yeah, that’s what’s up!


Karla: That’s all for now, but there’s so much more to come! Don’t forget, if you have some news that we haven’t shared yet please send it our way!


Melissa: Yes, please do!


Karla: Email us, DM us, we want more!


Melissa: Now I’m gonna get back to this coffee.

Karla: Okay, I’ll get back to my hot cocoa.


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