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Pop Pop 12/7/17

Melissa: Oh, yeah.


Karla: Drinking first. Okay! Now you can see--


Melissa: I can see this is mine because there’s lipstick.


Karla: Because she drinks too fast.


Melissa: (laughs) I do.


Karla: So! You can see our new look!


Melissa: Yes! I love it! More energy! Yes.


Karla: Right, we don’t have to say “Pop Pop” anymore!


Melissa/Karla: Pop Pop Pop!


Karla: It’s like the cereal, you know? Pop pop! That. Anyway! You know, a lot of #DeafTalent has been making appearances.


Melissa: A lot going on, on Facebook feeds. So many good things going on in our community!


Melissa: You know the show called, “Wisdom of the Crowd” on CBS?


Deaf actor Raquel McPeek will be on it! The episode is called “Live Stream” and she plays a character named Marissa.


The episode will be released on December 10th...


Karla: Oh, that’s soon.


Melissa: 8pm EST!


Karla: That’s soon, I think like that’s four days from now?


Melissa: Monday, I think? One, two, I think that’s Monday.


Karla: What she said. Monday.


Melissa: I have to look at the calendar to make sure, but definitely soon.


Karla: Soon! Yay!


Melissa: Congratulations, Raquel!!


Karla: You know who Russell Harvard and Sandra Mae Frank are, right? They sent out casting calls, looking for Deaf actors for “The Parts You Lose,” right?


Melissa: Right, Tru Biz helped out with that. Trying to find the right actor.


Karla: Right, exactly. And GUESS what?


Melissa: They did it?


Karla: Yep! They tru biz found a Deaf little boy actor. Guess who? Wait for it!




Melissa: He tends to do vlogs, right? From England?


Karla: England, right!


Melissa: Wow! That’s really cool.


Karla: Yep, they cast him. I wonder if he’ll be flying over here?


Melissa: I guess!


Karla: No, wait, I think they may be filming in Canada.


Melissa: I guess everyone’s going there?


Karla: The important thing is they’re coming to Ameri-- no, wait-- NORTH America.


Melissa: Really cool. Congratulations, Danny!


Karla: Yay!




Danny Murphy in his living room.


Danny: They’re wrong! Deaf can do anything and have a special power! Deaf power!!! Yeahhhhhh!


Melissa: You know the show “Strictly Vers”? They tend to do web series. There’s an episode called “Warehouse Party?” and Deaf actor Dickie Hearts made an appearance. So’s interesting.


Karla: Yeah...very.


Melissa: It’s about two gay friends who go to a leather bar. People who saw the episode were a little disturbed though, because there was some making fun of people who were overweight . And Dickie himself threw up on this guy.


Karla: Let’s check out the video.




A night club outdoors in the back alley, a bunch of gay men mingling, topless.


TOPLESS MAN: What?! Where?!

TOPLESS DICKIE: It was really fun.

TOPLESS MAN: Hey sexy, what’s up?!


Dickie vomits on a topless man. Both react in shock.


Karla: Ehhhh….I don’t….


Melissa: Really...fat shaming is just not cool.


Karla: I mean...Dickie...I hope he knows better but I wonder how Dickie felt while he was doing that. Did he know? Or, I mean, ah, you just never know. Right?


Melissa: Definitely. I saw a lot of discussion on Facebook about it.


Karla: I mean obviously fat shaming is never okay. It doesn’t matter it you’re trying to be funny or not, it’s still not okay.


Melissa: I agree. That can really mess with someone.


CLIP OF ASL NOOK - Shaylee, 8 years old, wearing a Santa hat and red elf outfit sitting on her couch.


Shaylee: During the Holidays, Santa sends me to you. My job is to watch and report to Santa.


Karla: Of course you know ASL Nook right?


Melissa: Yesss! I saw it! Awww!


Karla: SO cute. They released a new video today! Look at ASL Nook’s Facebook and you’ll see Shaylee signing a story as a little Deaf elf performing the book “Elf on the Shelf”! And it is. So. Adorable.


Melissa: That girl, I swear. Pure talent. Every Christmas people tend to look forward to seeing


which story she’ll do and this year was just too cute.


Karla: And this year was a little bit different because she really added her own personality into the story.


Melissa: Right! Straight from the heart.


Karla: So there was a real connection with the story. Like, she WAS that elf. With her little hands and cute little signs, ah! Adorable and amazing.


Melissa: You MUST watch. You MUST! It’s mandatory!


Karla: Must, must, must, must, MUST!


Melissa: Must, must, must! [laughter]


Karla: What are you doing?! Go! GO!


CLIP OF ELF SHAYLEE: I’ll fly away to Santa.


Melissa: Alright. You know the HBO show, it’s hilarious, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” with the infamous Larry David?


Karla: Mhm.


Melissa: There are going to be TWO Deaf actors in the season finale! Anthony Natale,


Karla: Oh, Anthony, right,


Melissa: and Antoinette Abbamonte! They’ll be playing the role of the two Deaf parents of the character, Victor, attending a wedding. It’s a scream. I saw some previews and it was great. So many good one-liners and banter and everything. So funny.


Karla: I haven’t watched that. I don’t know what it


looks like.

Melissa: You are missing out! It’s funny!


Karla: Okay, yeah, I missed the boat on that one.


Melissa: Aaaand, get this. Remember Tina and Paul, the hearing couple who signs songs, typically in their car?


Karla: Mmmhmmm… yeah. (dryly)


Melissa: Yeah, I know. But yeah the woman, Tina Sirimarco has a role in that episode too.


Karla: Umm…


Melissa: But, I mean, it’s interesting.


Karla: AS a Deaf person, or?


Melissa: No, as an interpreter.


Karla: Hm, interpreter. Okay.


Melissa: Definitely give it a watch and let us know what you think of the show.


Karla: I’m curious now…


Melissa: Yeah I watched the whole thing and hmm!




Victor introduces his Deaf parents to his crowd of people at a wine party.


Victor: Hey, I want to introduce my mom and my dad, Lisa and Paul.


Larry: How do you do? Hello.


Anthony: Hi. Larry.


Antoinette: His name?


Woman signs “L” on forehead (as in “Loser”).


Anthony signs “L” on forehead.


Anthony/Antoinette: Larry. Got it.


Larry: Rhymes with “Harry.”


Anthony & Antoinette clasp arms and talk to each other.


Antoinette: Everything OK?


Anthony: Yes. I’ve got an idea. Let’s hire an interpreter for the wedding?


Antoinette: That’s a good idea!


At the Wedding, Tina Sirimarco dressed in pink is the interpreter and a woman kicks her off.


Antoinette looks relieved and happy. Anthony looks stressed.



Karla: Alright. The time is now.


Melissa: Finally!


Karla: Yes, finally. You know “This Close”, with Shoshannah Stern and Josh Feldman. It’s a web...well, it’s a series. They finallyyyy announced a release date!


Melissa: Yes yes yes!


Karla: February...14th!


Melissa: Valentine’s Day!


Karla: That’s right! So if it’s Valentine’s day, will you be watching it with your sweetie?


Melissa: The show IS all about love, there’s a love story in there so it’s the perfect thing to watch with your valentine!


Karla: Love it!


Karla: So remember, you can find the show on Sundance Now.


Melissa: It’s a subscription service right?


Karla: Right. First there’s a free trial


Melissa: Oh perfect, take advantage of that!


Karla: So it’s free for 7 days, and after that it’s $6.99.


Melissa: That’s not bad.


Karla: No, not bad.


Melissa: $6.99 a month right?


Karla: Yes, I believe so.


Melissa: Really not bad.


Karla: Honestly, you’re gonna be fine. That’s like a trip to Starbucks. You can afford it.


Melissa: Or a mimosa!


Karla: I mean duh!!


Melissa: That tends to be MORE than $6.99 so.


Karla: You’re buying beer for like $10 okay? You can afford it.


Melissa Karla: [unison] Alright/okay!


Karla: I think that’s all we’ve got for you today! I’m really looking forward to the show.


Melissa: Me too! So, I think that’s all the Pop Pop we’ve got for now.


Karla: I’ve hope you’d enjoyed this, especially with our new set up!


Melissa: Oh yes!


Karla: And our mimosassss. Don’t worry, I’m not drunk okay?


Melissa: Cheers!


Karla: Cheers!


Karla: Alright, see ya later.


Melissa: See you tomorrow.






[In unison] Millie was nominated!


Melissa: By the Critics Choice Awards! In the category…


Karla: Nominated for Best Young Actress!


Melissa: If she wins, she’ll be the first EVER Deaf winner for that award!


Karla: Right.


[Improvised chanting, cheering, celebration]


Melissa: Rooting for you Millie!!!


Karla: We gotchu, girl.


Melissa: Yes!!



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