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Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor

MELISSA: I usually just walk behind someone, but me in the front? Oh god. Really?


A straightjacket monster freaks Melissa out.


MELISSA: It’s now the month of October. And we all know what that means. Halloween is on the horizon. Which means it’s time for us to get all spooky! I’m here at the infamous Queen Mary ship, which hosts the renowned annual haunted ship, known as “Dark Harbor.”


MELISSA: I’m thrilled to be here tonight. Especially because there are two Deaf people involved in this. The first is Monica Foletta, and the second is Eddie Buck. And I’d like to get spooked too!


A scary creepy man scares Melissa.




MELISSA: I didn’t expect him to scare me.


Scary creepy monster man scares Melissa.


MELISSA: He’s back!




Melissa laughs.


A lady creepy clown skates with her legs across cement (she’s a slider). Monica Foletta waves at her.


MONICA: My dogs.


MONICA: One of my friends recommended me to this, since I do a lot of hula hooping, why not be a monster? I was like, mmm. Since communication isn’t required to be a monster, I thought I’d give it a try. I made it in. I felt like I could do something like this. So I’ve been doing it ever since.


MELISSA: Did you ever get scared?


MONICA: Oh yeah, definitely have gotten scared. Sometimes I’d freak out-- sometimes my co-worker friend would pull a prank on me while I’d be walking. My friend would jump out at me.


MONICA: The sliders always try to scare old ladies in a wheelchairs.


MELISSA: Oh, really?


MONICA: Sometimes they’d not realize who’s pushing them, then they’d look up and freak out.


MELISSA: They’d be thrown off by that.


MONICA: Yeah, I’d see that, and I love seeing people scaring others and seeing how they react. I dig that.


MELISSA: So it’s your fourth year, which means your experience has become more unique over time, so what’s that like?


MONICA: In my first year, I only had one place to be, that’s it. But they felt it made more sense for me to belong anywhere here. So they started placing me all over the place, performing. I enjoy this a lot.


Melissa walks through the haunted maze.


MELISSA: I think it’s worse for Deaf people. I cannot hear ANYTHING!


MELISSA: It’s so dark!


Melissa is now with Eddie Buck, clad as a dead scottish soldier.


MELISSA: After studying your targets, how do you decide that? Or do you just play it by eye?


EDDIE: I have to make certain choices. I make one of several choices. One, I scream. Second, be silent. Third, I can stand and grunt. There are other ways. Sometimes I make choices depending on the energy of that person. How scared they can be. Then I make my choice.


MELISSA: Do you have any favorite moments?


EDDIE: My favorite moment happened just now. I’d find a corner to hide in, just a corner. Then a woman came in, thinking that it was all clear. I was excited. I stayed quiet as they came in. A sec later, I jumped out, she screamed like crazy and jumped so far back to the top of the stairs.


Melissa walks through the maze. And finally gets out.


MELISSA: Okay. Yes! I admit it. I was scared, yes. I think it’s time for me to go home.


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