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Shape of Water Review

Both: HEY!


Melissa: Tru Biz is here at the movies to watch--


Karla: “The Shape of Water.”


Melissa: It’s a seemingly beautiful movie, as you can see from the picture behind us. Already captivating.


Karla: Mhmm


Melissa: But, this movie is the subject of some hot controversy.


Karla: That’s right. It’s controversial because Sally Hawkins who plays the role of Elisa, who we understand to be mute-- which I get-- but...


Melissa: But, she signs a lot.


Karla: Right.


Melissa: There's a lot of signing involved with her role. But I don’t know if she is a proficient signer? But, we’ll find out.


Karla: Yeah, we’ll find out.


Melissa: You know how, lately Tru Biz has been bringing hot conversations about Deaf actors being cast for Deaf roles, and authentic portrayals of ASL. This is the perfect opportunity for us to watch and share our thoughts. Just our thoughts?


Karla: Nope.


Melissa: No way!


Karla: We brought our Tru Biz Team with us!


Melissa: yes.


Melissa: Let’s get their perspectives. I’m looking forward to the hot debate. We want to share our thoughts and get your thoughts and perspective as well.


Karla: Are you ready to meet our team?


Josh: Oh, hey! [laughter]


Joey: Hello!!


Jules: Hey there!


Karla: THAT!


Karla: That’s our team! You ready to watch the movie?

Melissa: Yep! Ready to watch it together!  

Karla: Let’s go.



Woman: She’s mute, sir. She can hear you.

[Sinister music]

Man: You clean that lab, you get out. This very may well be-

Man: You may think, that thing looks human. It stands on two legs, right?


ALL: Series of “hmm”s, “huh”s, etc









Karla, Melissa, Jules, Joey & Josh take a moment to think about what to say.


Karla: I think it’s a really good movie.


Melissa: It’s a beautiful love story.


Josh: I liked all the conflicts.


Joey: The acting was good. Sally Hawkins was good.


Jules: The ASL was not convincing for me.


Karla: There were two characters, The creature could be Deaf. He really could be because he didn’t speak, used gestures and signed. The girl signed too. A missed opportunity.


Melissa: After seeing some scenes, where she starts singing and other things. I thought to myself, yeah, I can see why the director cast a hearing actor. It made sense for that role.


Josh: I think the director had two choices. Casting a Deaf actor and teaching them to lip sync or a hearing actor and teaching them sign.


Jules: I wonder, would someone who is mute sign their whole life or not? What is the situation?

Karla: I wish both characters were played by Deaf people. The movie was really good. I just wish they included Deaf people.


Joey: The story is mind-blowingly beautiful.


Melissa: Wow!


Karla: Different perspectives.


Melissa: yeah, five different perspectives, we talked about it and I already have a different perspective. For instance, I mentioned the woman sings in the movie so of course they cast a hearing person.


Melissa: But then I found out it wasn’t even her voice.


Karla: I think it was lip-synced.


Melissa: I mean, I can’t hear so I overlooked that detail.


Karla: It’s good to have a different perspective. Which means, now it is your turn. Go watch the movie, and make sure you tell us what youthink!


Melissa: Yes!


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