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Sign Gene

MELISSA: Have you grown up always admiring superheroes? Guess what? Now there’s a new film with deaf superheroes. Tru biz!


The film, ‘Sign Gene,” premiered at Odeon Cinema in Milan on September 8th. The film is directed by, written, and starring Emilio Insolera, an Italian deaf director/producer. He plays Tom Clerc, a deaf man who is a descendant of Laurent Clerc, known as “The Apostle of the Deaf in America.” He carries a gene mutation, known as a Sign Gene mutation, but then he loses it during a fight with a villain - his own deaf brother, Jux Clerc! Jux runs, an organization based in Milan, Italy to eliminate Sign Gene mutants. Take a look at the trailer!!




We at Tru Biz reached out to Emilio! Take a look.


MELISSA: What made you come up with a concept of a movie about deaf superheroes?


EMILIO: I’m sure that was everyone’s dream, especially with the Deaf. I feel the same. A film with a Deaf superhero, with history, signing, powers, and so on. All children have that dream. Like Superman, Batman, and so on. Most of them-- some, didn’t have a strong likeness to Deaf people, some came close, but a fully Deaf superhero? Nonexistent. For example, in X-Men, many Deaf people related to them. So I felt I should make my own deaf characters and content, directly from us. With the language, right, our own language - so I decided to make this film.


MELISSA: What has the response been like in Italy from this movie?


EMILIO: Positive. We got so much support. Having something with deaf characters, deaf culture, history, language, linguistics, everything’s involved in that film. It’s like a toothpaste being unloaded on a toothbrush! They enjoyed it. Some of them were overwhelmed. They have to glue their eyes to the screen. The filming is fast. The editing is FAST! The first 30 minutes - fast, fast, fast. People will not take their eyes off the screen. You see, it’s a new style. A new kind of editing with a lot of vintage feel to it. If people disconnect from it, it means the story isn’t good. You have to stay with the film to follow the story. After 30 minutes, the story will slow down and people will be able to follow the story to the end.


MELISSA: Will we be seeing a U.S. release of the movie?


EMILIO: Oh, yes, it definitely will go to the U.S. We will have what we call a “visual invasion,” but yes. But when? I don’t know for sure. Hopefully soon. We have to work some things out first. When it’s time, we will officially inform all of you.



Wow, how exciting is that? We, Tru Biz, can’t wait for the film to come to the US. How about you?


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