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SuperDeafy Becomes a Comic Strip

Did you know? SuperDeafy is now a comic strip! Yep, tru biz!


John Maucere first showed the preview of it at Camp Mark 7 this summer. He was able to sit down with one of his fans, Cameron. The first comic strip was released on Labor Day. It showed pictures of SuperDeafy saving the day. How cool is that?


The strip was illustrated by Dack Virnig. We reached out to John, Dack, and Cameron! Check it out!


JOHN MAUCERE: SuperDeafy first started on the stage, and then the internet-- you could see it on Then it became a feature film. If you haven’t seen it, it’s on Netflix, and it’s called, “No Ordinary Hero: The SuperDeafy Movie.” But still, people beg us about doing a comic strip. I was open to it, but I hadn’t found the right person to connect with. Many were good, but none of them clicked, until I met Dack Virnig. He’s such a native ASL signer and we chatted and what’s more, he’s an artist, too. He showed me his work and I was blown away. You see, I wanted to see all of the imagery from sign language transposed into comic strips and Dack had that ability to visualize it. We got along and went for it.


DACK VIRNIG: I’ve been working on this screen. It’s been a challenge. You open a white screen and you would need a panel ruler to measure it precisely with all the correct sizes. I mean, like should this be small, or big? It was a rough sketch at first, a bit rough, and then I was satisfied with it. I outlined it with sharpies and drew inside the panels. And transferred to the computer. See this? I draw on the screen. It’s called Wacom. I draw in the colors and fill them in. And the onomatopoeia words. That’s what I use the computer for. Whoo, it’s hard work, wow. But tons of fun and it’s my passion, so I love it.


CAMERON BROWN: I love SuperDeafy because he’s deaf, he’s good at signing and he can help people all around the world. I love the comic, because many others are about hearing people, but this one has a deaf character! I’m so inspired!


JOHN: So, why a comic strip? It will always be there and it will stay there. Children will be able to read it over and over. The goal for this is not to only reach a deaf audience, but also a hearing audience. Widespread awareness continues to grow about our culture and beautiful language, too. Hope you’ll enjoy it! Yeah!

The next issue will be released on September 11th! Don’t miss it!



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