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Tru Biz AGT Coverage Final

Karla: Remember Melissa came here and interviewed all ten performers? It was the last time they performed. Tonight, they announced the winner. Wanna know who won? Drum roll, please!






[Roaring applause]

[Inspirational music]


Karla: How do you feel now that you won America’s Got Talent? And what are you going to do with your million dollars?


Darci: Um, it feels amazing, I’m so speechless, and oh, beyond excited, and I really wanna get a pug! Like, a pug, like a little puppy, and that’s what I’m gonna do with a million dollars!


Karla: You’re the one who pressed the golden buzzer for Darci and she won!


Mel B: Huh?


Karla: She won, so, how do you feel that Darci won?


Mel B: I mean...I didn’t win the show she won the show. She’s absolutely incredible. And it could have been anyone that won it, because I think they’re all winners, not losers.


Karla: I know Mandy didn’t win, but where do you see her career going after this?


Simon: When you’ve got this much exposure, uh, and the talent she has, it’s gonna happen for her anyway. It will!


Karla: What made you decide to come here tonight on this special night?


Marlee: It goes without saying that I came here for Mandy Harvey. I’m a big fan of hers. I’m stoked to see someone who’s deaf and has the platform to show their talent. I’m just here to support her.


Karla: You just met her?


Marlee: Yes, I just met her.


Karla: What do you think of her?


Marlee: I think she is- oh, hello! Excuse me for that. People here, you know. Very Hollywood! Um, I think Mandy is super sweet. She’s a woman who has a talent to show the world, just like anyone else, Deaf or not. And I’m really proud of her, that she has the courage to stand in front of everyone and express herself in sign language, her voice...her talent, bottom line.


Karla: So, how are you feeling right now?


Mandy: I feel amazing. Right now is just the beginning of the journey. And I know so far it’s been amazing and I just know the rest is gonna be great.


Karla: Yes! Now, are you a fan of Shania Twain?


Mandy: Oh my gosh. Oh. Well, I mean, I just met her. And keep in mind I lost my hearing when I was 18 so I still remember her voice. And it was really nice to be able to sing her song, something that I actually remember. And then, I got introduced by Marlee and...oh. My. Gosh. I mean I am just blown away! There’s no way to describe this feeling. She is so incredible and inspiring. Both of those women are idols to me. It’s been such an honor.


Karla: Absolutely. So now that “America’s Got Talent” is over, what’s next for you?


Mandy: Well, I do have a book coming out on September 26th...


Karla: A book?! A book!


Mandy: Which is this Monday! And then um, I’m going to be touring, performing at concerts and going to speaking engagements, I’m just going to keep running! You know? I’m motivated to keep going. I’m not going to slow down.


Karla: Alright, you guys. Keep your eyes on Mandy, I would love to go to your concert.


Mandy: Thank you, I appreciate that.


Karla: You too, America! We love you!


Mandy: Yes, thank you all SO much.

Karla: I’m done. Let’s go.


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