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Tru Biz Pop Pop 9/19

Hey. Psst.

  OMG! Hey! I’m Karla!

And I’m Melissa!

You know how we like to spotlight Deaf talent…

Pop pop! Pop pop! Right! So, what’s up this week?

Here’s what’s going on this week in the Deaf community. So, you know Millicent Simmonds right?

Yes, love her!

We’re all looking forward to seeing her in “Wonderstruck,” and now she’s going to be featured in another role in a big movie starring the famous John Krasinski and Emily Blunt! So cool. The film is called “A Quiet Place” and it seems to be a thriller.


They’re filming it now and there’s no release date yet but how exciting is that!

So exciting! I wanna see it!

So great to see her in another film!


So get this, we’ve got something else too. Remember our last pop pop about actor CJ Jones in the movie “Door in the Woods?”


It’s a horror movie. And guess what?


There’s going to be a sequel!

[gasp] A part 2?!

Yeah, girl! The announcement was made by CJ Jones himself on Facebook! And the best part is, he’s co-writing the film.

Wooooow. Y

eah! I’m so excited!

And, he JUST came back from the Lafayette Film Festival, where the movie won the Best Audience Award!

Amazing. Congratulations!

You go, CJ!

 [Suspenseful music]

Don’t be chicken.

Don’t lend hope to fear.


Okay. So, do you remember the old TV show “Little Rascals”?

Yes! OMG, that is an OLD show.

True. Did you know that one of the original cast was actually deaf?

Wait for realz?

Yeah, tru biz. Mollie Mae Gottschalck Barron, who played Darla on the show, became deaf after getting chicken pox.

Oh, I see...

I mean, back in that time there wasn’t really any Deaf talent, so when she became deaf, it ended her acting career.

Ugh. Major bummer.


That’s sad! So...if she didn’t stop…

Yeah I feel like nowadays with the opportunities out here she TOTALLY could have kept going with acting.




Okay so now, here’s something I found on Facebook. So, you know we love to recognize deaf young filmmakers, right?


Here’s what happened. A 14 year old named Jared Donaldson, a filmmaker, won an award at a short film festival for Deaf children!

A children’s deaf film festival?

Yes! But that’s not all. Jared’s been wanting to make more films.


I mean, we need to see more young Deaf filmmakers out there, you know?


Go for it while you’re young, you know? So, congratulations, Jared!


  (Description: Students sitting in rows of desks. A young girl throws a ball of paper at the back of a young boy’s head.)

Boy: Are you kidding me?

Girl: You are Deaf and stupid!

Boy: I may not be perfect, but you’re not either.


There’s a big film festival in Canada. It’s called the Stratford Festival. There’s one Deaf actress. Tru biz. Her name is Elizabeth Morris. She plays a character in The Madwoman of Chaillot. She came to the festival, expecting to meet other deaf actors, but found that she was the only one.


 The others were hearing actors who played deaf characters.


 Yeah. But hats off to Elizabeth Morris for doing what she’s doing.

 That’s right!

 There’s only one performance, but maybe there’ll be more later.


 That’s right!

 Deaf Talent! So….

 Yes…. Excited for “America’s Got Talent!”

 For your information, we’ll be attending both nights!


 You can follow us on social media, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat!

 I’m so looking forward to this.

  Woo woo woo woo woo!!

 We are gonna bomb your newsfeed with AGT.

  Show us some love!

  Most importantly good luck to Mandy!

 Fingers crossed!!!!



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