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TruBiz Pop Pop 9/06

Oh, hey everyone!


I’m Karla!

And I’m Melissa!

We have so many deaf-related stories for you!

We are going to showcase some #DeafTalent. We have so many things happening in our community. Exciting.

Have you heard of Aarron Loggins?

What’s up with him?

He’s involved with Open Circle Theatre, and they have a show called, “To Reach the Unreachable Star,” [full screen footage]

…which is in Maryland.

Oh, that’s far.

It will run from September 15th to the 17th.



Oh, by the way, what’s this I hear about something in Finland?

Yes, with Signmark?

Yes! Signmark!

Well, Signmark is a Deaf Finnish rapper named Marko Vuoriheimo (vor-HEY-mo). And Finland has a reality show on FOX where they choose famous people to compete together in challenges in snow. Check this out!


Yes! Filled with challenges! Whoever collects the most points will be getting a cash prize! Cash money!

Show me the money!

Good luck!

We here at Tru Biz wish you good luck! Fingers crossed!

Okay, now, you know CJ Jones?

Yes, we went to see his film, “Baby Driver”!

“Baby Driver,” right! That’s a great film. You should watch it. Anyway! So now, he’s in a new movie, “Door in the Woods.” It’s scary!


Yes, scary!

Let’s see the trailer!
[eerie soundtrack]
CJ JONES: No matter what happens, focus on the goal. You may hear things. You may see things. Don’t be chicken. Don’t lend hope to fear.

Oh my!

Oh my gosh that’s creepy!

Scary! Let me share the deets. They have a festival called Fayettesville Film Festival on Friday, September 15 in Arkansas.

Aw, why can’t it be in LA? I want to see it!

You know the famous couple, the #DeafTalent couple Douglas and Lauren Ridloff? They’re now in a new deaf film project, called “Coffee Shop.” It’s about a couple who finds out they’re pregnant and they have to figure out how to handle the situation.

They want the film to happen, so they’re raising money for it.

Is there like a fundraising link?

Yup, they have one. Take a look.

If you want to see that film happen, please donate!

Donate, donate, donate! And that’s not the only film looking for funds.
“Talk to the Hands” is an upcoming new film with deaf actors Miles Barbee…


and Eddie Buck. Want to know what the story’s about?

Yes, I’m curious.

It’s funny. You gotta hear this. The film is a romance drama where a deaf man and a hearing woman fall in love. Some people don’t approve of the relationship so they try to keep the romance alive.

Oh my god I’m sorry you can’t hear me!
-It’s fine!
And here I am just blabbing’re deaf. Right. Cool! That’s cool! Um...I’m Annie!

It sounds pretty authentic to me.

Yeah, definitely happened once or twice.

However, the film is looking for $50,000 to finish the production. Check out the link.

Don’t forget to donate! Donate, donate! We want to see more #DeafTalent shows out there.

The Deaf community should support each other more, invest in our own community.
Remember that popular film, “hearing-mute” movie? What’s it called?

“The Shape of Water”

Oh, yeah!

Yeah I have some info on that. A woman named Sally Hawkins playing a mute woman who uses sign language? We have another update. Rumor has it that this film is getting some serious Oscar buzz!

People are jumping in to predict Sally Hawkins to be nominated for Best Actress.

I want to see the movie trailer.

Yes, I want to see her signing. Take a look.

Is she deaf?
Mute, sir. She can hear you.
[eerie soundtrack]
You clean that lab, you get out.
You may think that thing looks human. It stands on two legs right?
When he looks at me, he does not know how I am incomplete. He sees me as I am.

Oh, I see. Interesting. Let us get one thing clear. She’s mute, and can sign, which means she can hear, right?

Right, she uses sign language to communicate.


We’ll see what happens.

What do you think? Debate away!

So is that it?

For now, but I’m sure we have more stories out there!

Absolutely! Please tag us at Tru Biz or send us a private Facebook message!

Yes, bring it on! We want opportunities to spotlight all of you and what you’re working on. So come on!




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