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Wonderstruck Premiere Coverage

Hello! I’m here in downtown LA for the premiere of the movie Wonderstruck! The movie won’t actually be premiering until this Friday, October 20th, but we’re so thankful to be invited to the event tonight. I’m excited to snag some interviews. You ready?

So how does it feel to see your book transformed into a movie?
It’s really exciting to see the film transformed and to see my story through the eyes of the director, Todd Haynes. It’s really amazing.
Yeah! So I have to ask, how did you come up with the idea of using a deaf character in your story? I’m curious.
Yeah! I saw a documentary called Through Deaf Eyes, about the history of deaf culture and deaf experience, yeah, do you know the documentary?

Yep, I know it.

Yeah its- it’s really good. And it was in that documentary that I learned that the coming of sound to the movies in 1927 was a tragedy to the deaf community. And there was also someone who said that the deaf culture is a visual culture, because when you can’t hear, most of what you experience is what you see, and sign language is, of course, a visual language. And so I thought it’d be interesting to tell the story of a deaf character visually. So in the book, her story is told entirely with drawings.

So did you meet Millicent?

UH HUH! Love, loved her.

Do you feel her character matched your story?
Yeah, it was really uncanny meeting Millie. And when I first met her she gave me the biggest compliment. She told me that she read the book when she was in school, a couple years earlier, she really related to Rose, and she told me that she thought the author was deaf. Because she had never seen a book with characters that she related to that closely before and I thought that was such an incredible compliment. And she really brings this character to life.


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